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Foam party entertainment, people have fun raising hands catch soap bubbles, summer enterta
 Our parties bring unforgettable smiles to everyone's faces and get everyone together with the magic of foam. Don't miss out on the fun - book your foam party today!

Our hypo-allergenic foam is not only safe for kids and pets, but it's also biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 

Our Foam Cannons can shoot up to 25 feet high, cover an area up to 30 by 30 feet.



Trained Personel arriving on site 30 min before the event to setup the Foam Cannon in the designated Foam Zone. 

Sound System for Music included! (customized Playlist!)

Accessories and Foam Solutions included!

Beach Balls! 

Safe For Grass

Pet Friendly



Customer Satisfaction

Certified Autism Resource

Foamy Flakes powered by FoamDaddy Cannon offeres Foam Party Rentals for all groups, ages, and partles. Foamy Flakes uses products that have been tested and certified by the international Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standads

Certified Autism Resource

What's Required 

Adult Supervision
For Events with Children

Water Supply
50-75 Ft  from Foam Zone

Grounded 3 Prong outlet 

50-75 ft from Foam Zone

Foam Zone area 20x20 ft
Grass or Pavement 
Free of obstructions and holes

Summer Camps, Schools, Libraries and Community Events

We Customize all Packages to fit your time and budget

Reach out to us to learn more

TRAVEL FEE is free for the first 60 miles round trip from Zipcode 76301. It is $2 per mile after that. 

Get in Touch

Please reach out to us to check availability, questions, or for more information


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  • What should we wear to a foam party?
    Beach attire or swimwear are excellent choices for a foam party. Alternatively, you can wear a simple t-shirt and shorts. We also recommend having a towel nearby to wipe yourself off after exiting the foam.
  • How much space do I need for a foam party?
    We recommend a minimum of a 20’x20’ open space for your foam party.
  • Does a foam party work on grass or pavement?
    Yes, you can have a foam party on either grass or pavement.
  • How do we clean up after a foam party?
    One of the best parts about a foam party is that virtually zero clean-up is required! At the end of the foam party, the foam will disappear on its own within a few hours. Alternatively, if you'd like, you can hose the area down with water. We use a high-quality solution that is biodegradable, hypo-allergenic, and non-staining.
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